Masked Singer grand finale interrupted by furious security guard

Masked Singer grand finale interrupted by furious security guard

Masked Singer star Jackie O has revealed how the taping of the grand finale was interrupted by an angry security guard.

The last episode of the show was set to be filmed two weeks ago but had to be cancelled just two hours before showtime due to a crew member testing positive to COVID-19.

The rest of the cast and crew were then required to quarantine for two weeks in Melbourne before producers allowed Jackie O to return to Sydney and Urzila Carlson to New Zealand. 

“They put our health before the show and they pretty much sent everyone back to their home,” Jackie O said on KIIS FM this morning.

But despite the unfortunate circumstances, Channel 10 was firm on their decision to film a grand finale, and last night that became a reality.

“We are ambitiously filming the finale via green screen with people in two different countries, two different states and three different locations and they’re keying us in as if we’re all together in studio,” Jackie said.

“Urzila is quarantining in this hotel (in New Zealand) by herself so therefore she cannot have anyone enter her room to help her out with equipment. All she’s been given is some sort of GoPro to put on the top of her computer, she’s got a green sheet behind her and she has to do her own hair and makeup.”

Filming began at 4 pm AEST yesterday and went for over 10 hours. But in the last half an hour, shooting was interrupted by an angry security guard.

“It’s 1.30 in the morning and we’ve done two mask reveals and we’re waiting for our final mask reveal,” Jackie said on air today. “Urzila gets a busting knock on the door, we’re talking ‘bang, bang, bang!’ Ursula’s like, ‘Oh my god, someone’s at the door, they’re banging on the door!’”

The Masked Singer judge quickly realised it was hotel security.

“I said to her, ‘Why would you be getting a knock on the door at this time?’ She said, ‘Probably because for the last hour and a half I’ve been yelling out, ‘Take it off, take it off, take it off!’” Jackie said.

“I was in tears thinking about the people in New Zealand in hotel quarantine hearing some girl on her own at 3.30 in the morning just yelling out these things,” the radio host laughed.

The Masked Singer grand finale is set to air next Monday night on Channel 10.