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Piers Morgan slams Ukraine’s “sympathy” Eurovision win

Piers Morgan slams Ukraine’s “sympathy” Eurovision win

Piers Morgan has slammed the winners of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, claiming the act from Ukraine won on a “sympathy vote”.

The rap group Kalush Orchestra were crowned winners of the annual contest for their song Stefania, with Morgan claiming that their musical talent was not considered in the voting process, but rather that their country is under attack. 

In a Twitter post, the 57-year-old broadcaster wrote, “Nobody who voted for Ukraine thought it was the best song because it obviously wasn’t anywhere near the best. Even Ukrainians don’t think it was the best song.”

“They got the sympathy vote, which is fine as long as we drop the word ‘contest’ from Eurovision.”

Morgan also suggested that the contest is a “rigged farce” and suggested Ukraine would have won due to the highly publicised invasion by Russia, regardless of their act.

He added in a separate tweet, “The world’s most absurd, pointless, politically-motivated ‘contest’ excels itself. Ukraine could have sent one of its heroic bomb-sniffing dogs to bark the national anthem and still won. Happy for them, but please let’s stop calling #Eurovision a contest... it’s a rigged farce.”

Kalush Orchestra frontman Oleh Psiuk thinks that their winning song, which pays tribute to his mother, has been redefined as a rallying cry for Ukraine amid the devastating conflict with Russia.

He said, “After it all started with the war and the hostilities, it took on additional meaning, and many people started seeing it as their mother, Ukraine, in the meaning of the country.”

“It has become really close to the hearts of so many people in Ukraine.”

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