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Woman shocked by Amazon recordings

Woman shocked by Amazon recordings

A woman who is the owner of several Amazon products has been shocked to discover how much private information they had collected. 

The woman, who posts videos on TikTok as, shared a video explaining that she had requested to see what data the tech giant had collected about her. 

“I requested all the data Amazon has on me and here’s what I found,” she said in the video. 

She revealed that she owns three different Amazon smart speakers, as well as smart bulbs in her house that are controlled by the voice-activated speakers. 

“When I downloaded the ZIP file these are all the folders it came with,” she said.

After clicking on the audio file, she was shocked to discover how much data had been collected without her knowledge. 

The file revealed thousands of short voice clips that had been recorded and stored on her Amazon smart speakers. 

She described them as “so scary” and played one of her talking about turning on a light.

There are said to be 3534 short audio clips in one file alone.

She was also sent a “Contacts” file.

“It turns out they have a full list of my contacts from my phone and I never remember syncing that,” she said.

“The very last thing that I didn’t know that they had, I could have assumed that they have but I don’t love that they have, is my location.”

Another file she was sent by the tech giant showed the exact location of all her Alexa smart speakers. 

“I’m not totally comfortable with everything they have,” she said. 

There have been many complaints about the privacy of Amazon devices, as others have requested their data from the company. 

While Alexa is “always listening” for the activation words such as “Alexa”, “Echo”, or any other custom “wake words”, Amazon assures its users that their devices are “built with privacy in mind”.

Image credits: Shutterstock / TikTok

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