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Devastated Block stars leave show after family tragedy

Devastated Block stars leave show after family tragedy

Country couple Kirsty and Jesse made the call to temporarily pause their time on The Block after receiving some devastating personal news.

Singer Kirsty was seen doubled over in tears on the building site on Tuesday night’s episode, as she received news from her mum that her nan had passed away.

After concerned husband Jesse quickly embraced her, the couple made the decision to head home to be with their family, leaving their builders in charge.

Despite previous tensions between the teams this season, the remaining pairs agreed to help out how they could while Kirsty and Jesse were off the show.

“I got the phone call from my mum to say that my nan had passed away,” Kirsty said to producers.

“It’s just really hard to hear that she’s finally gone and I didn’t get to say goodbye to her. I spoke to her on the phone and she told me not to come home, that she was going to hang in there until I got back,” she added.

Image: The Block / Channel 9

“I’m just devastated that she didn’t get to see us, she was just so looking forward to us, she would have been yelling at Keith on the TV, telling him to get stuffed,” Kirsty joked.

She described her nan as “a very feisty little woman” who she had inherited her no-nonsense attitude from.

After saying a quick goodbye to their builders and the other contestants, the pair packed their bags and headed home.

“We’re gonna just get on a plane now and go home so we can be there with the family and help them. We know our boys have got it here,” Kirsty said.

“Family first, we’ve got this covered don’t even stress,” one of their builders told them.

The other contestants were quick to lend a hand too.

After hearing the news, Mark and Ronnie came to help clean up Kirsty and Jesse’s site, while the rest later decided to create a schedule to help out during the week so the couple wouldn’t fall behind.

Host Scott Cam thanked the teams for their decision to help out, and sent his well wishes to Kirsty’s family.

“We’ve obviously heard the very sad news that Kirsty’s beloved nan Ellen has passed away, and we got them on a flight as quick as we could. So they’re home now with their loved ones at this very difficult time,” he said.

“On behalf of our whole team, our crew and you guys, our thoughts and our best wishes and our love is with Kirsty and her family.

“I have heard that some of you want to chip in and help get them across the line this week with their renovation which is fantastic and I know that they would be sincerely so appreciative,” he added.

Image: The Block / Channel 9

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