Diana's former butler sadly reveals what The Crown got right

Diana's former butler sadly reveals what The Crown got right

The Crown is quickly becoming one of the most talked about shows of 2020.

Ever since Season 4 dropped on November 12, there has been endless discussions over everything from Gillian Anderson’s depiction as Margaret Thatcher to the very Spanish representation of Australia.

But the biggest talking point is the accuracy of the show, particularly when talking about the relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell has given his two cents, claiming most of what was seen on the show is true, and that the producers could have “gone further” with it.

"Josh O'Connor plays Prince Charles as a rather uncaring, cold person. And I'm afraid that's what I saw behind closed doors," Burrell tells The Sun.

"He was married to probably the most beautiful woman in the world. But he didn't look after her, and that's what comes across in The Crown."

The show’s depiction of Charles and Diana’s marriage suggests things were rocky from the very beginning, with the princess feeling unsupported by her husband new royal in-laws.

Infidelity is also shown on both sides, with a particular focus on Charles’ ongoing closeness with Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he is now married to.

But many royal experts and those close to the Prince have taken issue with it, saying it is “trolling on a Hollywood budget”.

But Burrell believes the portrayal didn’t go far enough, revealing a moment that didn’t make it into the script.

"I would have put in another scene with Prince Charles telling Diana when she comes downstairs wearing a beautiful black-and-white dress, just to please him, and he said to her, 'You look like you belong to the mafia'," he added.

The royal family has not addressed the show directly, though it is believed that they’re concerned.