Ellen’s former staffer speaks out: “The stories are all true”

Ellen’s former staffer speaks out: “The stories are all true”

A former Ellen DeGeneres Show staff member confirmed that “the stories are all true!”, saying that the richest comedian in the world is also, allegedly, one of the rudest.

“Is she always nice? No,” said the former staffer. “It irritates me that people think she’s all sweetness and light and she gets away with it.”

In recent times, DeGeneres who is famous for her catchphrase “be kind” has been outed for being the complete opposite.

The 62-year-old has been criticised for comparing the coronavirus lockdown to “being in jail” even though she’s self-isolating in her $US27 million Balinese-style mansion near Santa Barbara, California.

Then, in a report leaked to Variety, she was accused of cutting her talk show’s union show crew in favour of freelancers. Later on a spokesperson for Warner Bros. Television, which distributes Ellen’s show, told the publication that the change was cleared with union reps and no crew member lost a job.

Shortly after that, a Twitter thread labelling her as “one of the meanest people alive” exposed the star as stories came to light of her antics, including complaining about a waitress’ nail polish and ordering that those below her do not make eye contact with her.

Last week, a former security guard who served as a bodyguard to DeGeneres and her family when the comedian was hosting the 2014 Academy Awards told Fox News that she was very unfriendly.

“Ellen pretty much just gave me a side glance out of her eye and didn’t even say ‘hello,’ or ‘thank you for protecting my mother, my wife and me,'” Tom Majercak said. “It was very cold, and it was very sly and it was actually kind of demeaning in the way that she treats people other than those who are in her circle.”

But according to the executive producer of Ellen, Mary Connelly, she has never seen DeGeneres exhibit diva behaviour.

“None of what’s being said speaks to the Ellen I know,” Connelly said.

“Do the producers and her sometimes have to make unpopular decisions? Yes. Ellen is not afraid to tell you when she doesn’t like something. She’s had tough conversations with me. That’s a function of everyday life. But the person I know is someone who comes in every day and wants to put on a fun show in a fun environment and help people.”