Fond farewell: How Sunrise bid goodbye to Sam Armytage

Fond farewell: How Sunrise bid goodbye to Sam Armytage

Samantha Armytage has hosted her very last Sunrise episode on Thursday morning.

Just days after quitting the breakfast morning show live on air, her co-hosts are already saying goodbye, with David ‘Kochie’ Koch kicking off the show by saying: “For the past eight years she’s been a much-loved part of the Sunrise family but the time has come for her to focus on her family.

"Goodbyes are never easy, there will probably be some tears, but this morning we’re going to celebrate an incredible journey with some very special guests and a lot of surprises.”

Weatherman Sam Mac hilariously was caught rummaging through Armytage’s and Kochie’s office.

He picked up Armytage’s office phone and pretended to listen to her voicemails.

“You have a missed call from the producers of Sex and the City – they want to talk about some sketch ideas,” Mac joked, referencing Armytage’s infamously cringe-worthy segment with Kristin Davis from 2016.

Mac then turned to Armytage’s computer and read a mock resume for the TV star.

“Eight years working with the most respected broadcasters in media … and Kochie,” Mac read out.

“Regular contributor to the Daily Mail … unwillingly.”

The weather presenter also rifled through Armytage’s drawers and found a firefighter calendar with her husband, Richard Lavender donned on the March cover.

Later in the show Sam Mac honoured Armytage with a song to the tune of Green Day’s Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life).

He had a dig at Channel 9’s Today show and even made reference to Sam’s comments to Stellar where she said the TV industry was full of “narcissists and sociopaths.”

Some of the lyrics sung aloud include:

So many memories, you will be sorely missed

It’s time to say goodbye to the sociopaths and the narcissists

You know we’d love to keep you here,

But when it’s time it’s time

And you’d better not show up on Channel 9 … You’d better not. We know they change hosts every year.