Hilariously specific detail The Crown got wrong

Hilariously specific detail The Crown got wrong

As the hit Netflix show The Crown goes into its fourth season, creators of the show are able to predict complaints from fans.

However, a self-confessed "staunch royalist" wrote into the UK newspaper The Times to confess that his wife and himself only watched the fourth season to "pick away at its inaccuracies and untruths".

Surrey resident Dominic Witherow did not like what he saw and took issue with a scene where Prince Charles and friends went on a fishing expedition in Iceland.

“The show’s portrayal of his fishing technique was utterly unjustifiable,” he writes of the scene.

“To imagine that any self-respecting fisherman would allow his line to touch down so catastrophically is bad enough, but to then suggest that such a cast could possibly result in the landing of a fine salmon is tantamount to gross – almost criminal – negligence.

“Never has a television series managed to lose all credibility with such aplomb.”

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