Home and Away star's freedom of speech tirade

Home and Away star's freedom of speech tirade

Former Home And Away star Isabel Lucas is reportedly throwing her support behind controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans if a recent, rambling Instagram post is anything to go by.

The 36-year-old, who played Tasha Andrews on the show from 2003-2006, took to the social media platform to share an inspirational quote about "truth" earlier this week, but it was her lengthy and bizarre caption that featured under the post that raised eyebrows.

The post didn't specifically mention Evans, but many believed the tirade was Lucas' way of rallying behind the chef.

Lucas kicked off her post with another famous quote by Evelyn Beatrice Hall: “I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

She then launched into a rant about “freedom of speech”.

“I have been wanting to speak about freedom of speech and censorship here for a long time,” she wrote.

“If you are feeling cautious to ask worthy questions because of what bullies, or those who lack insight or compassion might say, may you remember the words of Evelyn Beatrice Hall.

“May you be inspired by the countless courageous ones who have expressed their truth in the face of adversity: Rosa May Parks, John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr, Eddie Mabo, Malcolm X, Joan of Arc, Nikola Tesla, Julian Assange, Socrates, Jesus, John Lennon, Hypatia, Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Michael Leunig, Waris Dirie, thousands of women, called ‘witches’ … and countless others.”

The post continued with Lucas claiming that “historically and culturally, many of these people we herald today as change-makers have been ridiculed, censored and violently opposed.”

“Many received death threats, or had their lives taken before their legacy or questions could be accepted as self-evident,” she posted.

“I’m hearing many conversations around the amount of censorship friends are experiencing Facebook, Instagram accounts are being removed, shadow banned and numerous YouTube videos deleted.

“Do you agree in the need for cultivating open, informed and respectful conversations about the mainstream narratives?

“How do we encourage our conscience-barometers and humanitarians to courageously express themselves?

“May we continue to support those who practice freedom of speech and shed light on the uncomfortable truths that challenges us.”

She concluded with yet another quote – this time by Albert Einstein – “blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

This isn't the first time Lucas has caused controversy, as late last year she revealed she had refused a COVID-19 test on the set of her film Bosch & Rockit, instead claiming her immune system was strong from how she "lives and eats and thinks".

“I gave my duty of care of what I could offer to respect everyone’s health and maintain my own health, and I shared that, and I opted out of doing the COVID test,” she said at the time.