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“I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING”: Viewers react to Neighbours finale

“I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING”: Viewers react to Neighbours finale

Politicians, TV presenters and fans alike have swamped social media after the final episode of Neighbours aired in Australia.

The long-running soap finished up after a 37-year run on TV screens and people couldn't help but share their thoughts on how things ended for the folks of Erinsborough.

Among those to pay tribute to the iconic Aussie series on Twitter were the likes of Bill Shorten, TV presenter Sarah Harris and even Victoria Police who commended their local Erinsborough colleagues for a job well done.

"Kidnappings, plane crashes, tornados, multiple (!!) people returning from the dead, murders, arson, explosions. For 37 years the Erinsborough police have been responding to crime, after disaster, after mystery on Ramsay Street, but today that all ends," read a message from the Victoria Police's official Twitter account.

Bill Shorten called the show an “Aussie TV institution” and praised the consistent efforts Neighbours went to for those with disabilities.

Meanwhile, Sarah Harris posted a simple yet emotional response to the show ending, revealing she shed a tear watching the nostalgic episode.

The finale saw an entire host of famous faces including Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce and Margot Robbie among the long list of famous alumni returning to Ramsay Street to say goodbye, in an episode that wrapped up with a big joyous street party.

To mark the end of an era, the show's beloved Susan Kennedy (played by Jackie Woodburne) walked down Ramsay Street reflecting on the past.

The camera floated up and gave the audience one last aerial view of the neighbours together on the street. The simple but heart-warning ending won over viewers everywhere with many saying it was “pretty perfect”.

Another said: "Having Susan/Jackie narrate the end was chef's kiss perfect given the heavy lifting she's done for 28 years. Chuck her a Logie please".

"After 37 years, I loved the way that ended. Not ashamed to admit tears, but smiling..... Thank you @neighbours," another person tweeted.

Referring to the finale storyline where everyone on Ramsay Street had their houses up for sale briefly, one person joked: "Next season of The Block should be contestants renovating all the houses on Ramsay St."

Other fans similarly expressed how upset they were, with posts simply saying "gutted" and others "really, really sad".

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