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Is Kath and Kim making a comeback?

Is Kath and Kim making a comeback?

Magda Szubanski is keeping tight-lipped on whether or not there will be a reboot of our favourite foxy ladies, Kath and Kim

The actress, who played Kim’s second best friend Sharon Strzelecki, was asked about whether the rumours could be true. 

"If I did I couldn't possibly tell you. If I did, I'd have to kill you and your publishers and everyone else," she told TV Week.

"It would be a bloodbath!"

She was also asked by the publication about whether she will come back as the beloved Sharon Strezelecki. 

"Again, I can neither confirm or deny!" she replied.

Back in 2018, Magda mentioned the attention the show was getting years after it ended after Netflix picked it up. 

However, Jane Turner who played Kath, said the show would have to be completely modernised to be in tune with today’s lifestyle. 

"It would be very different now. There are always funny new trends and things Kath and Kim could put their spin on, which would be fun to do," she previously said. 

Then in May 2021 she said she wasn’t exactly “too keen” on creating a fifth season of the show.

"I think it should be off the table... It holds such a special place in people's memories," she told The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

"If we did a live show, which was a "best of" or something like that, that's different. But to actually try and do a whole new series, I think you can never capture that magic again."

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