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#Jacketgate 2 point whatever

#Jacketgate 2 point whatever

Is it #Jacketgate 2.0? Or have we lost count?

Viewers of The Today Show were delighted when co-host Allison Langdon, reporters Lara Vella and Fiona Willan, and Senator Jacqui Lambie all appeared dressed in blue.

An image of all four was shared to the show’s Instagram page captioned “Da ba dee da ba di” in reference to Eiffel 65's iconic track.

“Oh yeah … go sisters! What colour should we rock tomorrow??” Ally commented with a laughing emoji.

Others however joked to hide the photo from Channel Nine newsreader Amber Sherlock who caused a stir in 2017 when she and journalist Julie Snook were both dressed in white, along with the guest.

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In the leaked footage, Amber tells her producer: “I need Julie to put a jacket on because we're all in white. I asked her before we came on … Julie you need to put a jacket on.”

Julie tried to explain to Amber that she didn’t have enough time to change to which Julie did not accept saying she “asked two hours ago”.

When the trio went on air, Julie was seen wearing a black jacket and was receiving a lot of sympathy from the public for the way she was treated.

But five years later, it seems that Amber manages to have a laugh about it when people commented about the incident.

“Amber Sherlock won’t like you all in the same colour,” someone wrote.

Amber responded: “I quite like the blue actually.. I only have ownership over white”.

“Amber Sherlock would’ve had a fit,” another commented to which she responded, “Well it wasn’t white..but..”.

Images: Channel Nine

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