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“Kochie is genuinely concerned”: Sunrise co-anchor fears the worst

“Kochie is genuinely concerned”: Sunrise co-anchor fears the worst

While David Koch has unquestionably been one of the most constant and successful faces on Australian breakfast TV for almost 20 years, new reports from Woman's Day suggest he may be worried about his future at Seven.

The doubts come with good reason for the 64-year-old co-anchor, as one “network favourite” is said to be sizing up his highly coveted role.

It’s believed 36-year-old Weekend Sunrise host Matt Doran is the front-runner to step into Kochie’s position should the decision arise to fine-tune the long-running morning show.

“Matt is the heir apparent, for sure!” says a Seven insider, “He cannot put a foot wrong in that place and offers a more smooth feel to the network.”

Insiders went on to report to Woman's Day that Kochie is also “extremely rattled” by the recent surprise departure of former co-host Melissa Doyle, who departed the network after 25 years.

“He would be feeling nervous about his situation, now that he can see how cutthroat the industry has become and how Mel left, despite being one of the longest standing and most senior presenters at the network,” says the source.

Soon after, Seven reported that it had sold most of its stake in Money Makeover, Kochie’s online financial business – a joint venture in which they were formally equal partners.

Add to that the chaos caused by the regular absence of co-host Samantha Armytage this year, who took time off in 2020 with health issues in March, then again to be a support to her parents in their own health battles, and it’s easy to see why Kochie could be feeling unsettled.

“Kochie is genuinely concerned that the loyal Sunrise audience is straying, and he's frustrated because there's been no continuity in who partners alongside him these past months,” the source continues.

If Armytage follows Doyle’s lead and also decides not to return in 2021, it will be the end of the long-standing Armytage-Koch duo, which could spell disaster for David.

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