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Mel Gibson called out by West Wing star in scathing op-ed

Mel Gibson called out by West Wing star in scathing op-ed

West Wing actor Joshua Malina has called out Mel Gibson and his employment in show business amid the controversial scandals surrounding the actor. 

Malina, who plays Will Bailey on the political drama, has questioned why Gibson is still employed in Hollywood despite his long history of alleged anti-Semitism, homophobia and bigotry. 

In a recent op-ed for The Atlantic titled Cancel Mel Gibson, Malina wondered why Hollywood's 'cancel culture' seemingly doesn't apply to Gibson. 

"Gibson is a well-known Jew-hater (anti-Semite is too mild). His prejudices are well documented," Malina wrote.

"So my question is, what does a guy have to do these days to get put on Hollywood's no-fly list? I'm a character actor. I tend to take the jobs that come my way. But — and this hurts to write — you couldn't pay me enough to work with Mel Gibson." 

Mel Gibson has reportedly been cast in the upcoming John Wick prequel spin-off series titled The Continental, and is also rumoured to be in talks to direct Lethal Weapon 5

Malina continued, wondering when someone's ignorance and hatred outweighs their impressive resume. 

"Now, I love the Lethal Weapon movies (at least the first few). And Danny Glover's a gem," Malina continued.

"But Gibson? Yes, he's a talented man. Many horrible people produce wonderful art. Put me down as an ardent fan of Roald Dahl, Pablo Picasso, and Edith Wharton; can't get enough of what they're selling."

"But these three had the good taste to die. That makes it a lot easier to enjoy their output. Gibson lives. And Tinseltown need not employ him further."

Joshua Malina goes on to say that the point of 'cancel culture' is to hold people accountable for their actions, but those in Hollywood often get a free pass because of their celebrity status. 

"If Gibson is welcomed back to direct the latest instalment of this beloved franchise, it may be time to stop publishing think pieces about the power of 'cancel culture,'" Malina wrote.

"Because if he can continue to find big bucks and approbation in Hollywood, cancel culture simply does not exist."

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