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“Ripped off”: SAS fans lash out at Jana Pittman not passing

“Ripped off”: SAS fans lash out at Jana Pittman not passing

Image: Channel 7

SAS Australia fans have aired their outage after Olympian and “super mum” Jana Pittman was eliminated from the course just before the final challenge, despite correctly completing a mission.

During Tuesday night’s explosive finale, the remaining four recruits were tasked with a terrifying helicopter insertion into enemy territory to locate a cache containing important information about an enemy.

Jana, who was paired up with tennis legend Mark Philippoussis, was reaching her breaking point physically. But with just seconds to spare, the two athletes completed the challenge in time.

Despite passing the mission, Jana was eliminated by the DS.

“Outstanding effort. We are all super proud of you. We would have loved to have brought you forward but your reserve is empty,” Ant told the mother-of-four before giving her a warm hug.

Diehard SAS fans took to Twitter to express their outrage that Jana was culled right before the final task.

“Really? Jana has killed it in every challenge. I’m gutted for her,” one fan wrote.

“Not happy with that! Needed to show why Jana failed. She looked as though she passed the challenge – and didn’t pass out or leave her partner for dead,” said another.

“So the last task is hanging on a rope and Jana is sent home? She deserved to have a go at it. Kind of ridiculous after making her do the task before,” another fan wrote.

“Jana was incredible! I think she was a bit ripped off.”

Viewers widely hailed Jana as a "supermum" and an inspiration to women throughout her time on the course due to her courage, grit, determination and physical strength.

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