Sam Armytage and David Koch reveal the secret code they use live on air

Sam Armytage and David Koch reveal the secret code they use live on air

Sunrise hosts David Koch and Sam Armytage have revealed the hidden cues they use to talk to their executive producer Michael Pell while live on television.

 “I like Michael talking in my ear when we’re on air,” Armytage told news.com.au.

“I like to know where we’re going.”

However, Koch explained that Pell’s comments can be “colourful” at times.

“We might have an interview and Michael’s going (in our ears), ‘This is boring as bats**t! Get out of this quickly,’” Koch told news.com.au.

“Sam and I are sitting on air going (to the guest), ‘That’s really interesting, thanks so much for that, it’s been a delight to have you on.’ And Michael’s saying, ‘F**k them off!’”

“Look, I’m not tactful,” Pell joked in response to Koch’s comment.

“I like to have a very casual and colourful environment and I think that helps with the energy, that helps with making it fun.”

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Pell, who has been the executive producer of the show since 2010, explained that Armytage and Koch use one and two finger gestures to tell the producer how many questions are left for their guest.

“During an interview I’ll say (to the hosts), ‘Do you want another question (for the guest)?’” Pell told news.com.au.

“They then signal physically through the camera to me which I’m watching in the control room.”

Pell also said that the reason that their show is beating Today in the ratings is that there has been “little change” in their lineup over the years.

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“I’m quite surprised at how all of that’s gone down with that show,” Sunrise’s Michael Pell said about Today in an interview with news.com.au earlier.

“Not to talk too much about them, but I’ve never seen that many people sacked that quickly for no apparent reason.

“I think the audience is punishing them for that still,” Pell said about Nine’s everchanging lineup on Today.

“The audience doesn’t like a company that treats people badly.

“On our side of the fence, there’s been very little change in what we’ve done for many years and I think people appreciate that.”