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Tommy Little reveals a wild side to co-host Lisa Wilkinson

Tommy Little reveals a wild side to co-host Lisa Wilkinson

The Project’s Tommy Little has revealed that his co-host, Lisa Wilkinson, has a wild side not many people know about.

Little, who is known for his X-rated jokes on the show, shared the revelation with news.com.au in an interview for their upcoming podcast, I’ve Got News For You, which is due to be released in full on Monday.

“I don’t think Wilko is actually offended, I think she has to appear to be not on-board with the many c**k jokes,” Little began, with podcast host Andrew Bucklow pressing for more details about Wilkinson.

Little then claimed the former Today host “loves the strippers”.

“That is not something I was expecting when I started to work with her,” the 37-year-old said.

“We’ve been out for dinner a few times, and she’s a great host. I’ve been over [to her house] for dinner, and it always gets to a certain point when Lisa gets a sparkle in her eye and says, ‘Should we go to the strippers?’

“I say, ‘Wilko, no, this has clearly been a problem for you in the past and tonight, no, you’ve gotta rein it in’.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Little revealed he was the “most complained about cast member” on the show and that he was “told off all the time”.

“I assume they have to, if they get enough complaints I guess they have to tell me at some point.”

Image: news.com.au

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