"We kind of forgot": Lisa Wilkinson responds to NSW outbreak

"We kind of forgot": Lisa Wilkinson responds to NSW outbreak

With 28 new cases linked to the Northern Beaches cluster, Premier Gladys Berejiklian has urged all northern beaches residents to "not leave your home" as NSW works quickly to get on top of its cluster.

She's told the NSW community that as soon as she gets information about affected venues, she'll tell the community.

"As soon as NSW Health gets that information about that venue or that someone has acquired the disease, you will get it in real time, the same time as I do," she said.

"But to avoid confusion, we will be doing one daily update at 11 am on the numbers."

This comes after Lisa Wilkinson warned that NSW was getting "complacent".

Wilkinson is a Sydney resident herself and said on Thursday night's episode of The Project that NSW "kind of forgot" we are in a pandemic.

“In NSW, because we never went through what Victoria did or South Australia... we’ve just been sort of rolling along, thinking, ‘Gee, haven’t we done well,’” she said.

“Well, it turns out it is very definitely still out there and obviously people who are asymptomatic that are passing it on. We are in a pandemic and we kind of forgot.”

Epidemiologist and public health specialist Tony Blakely joined The Project and said that "the real truth will come in the next few days".

"This is serious," he urged the audience.

The Premier has said that there is "absolutely" no reason people should not be wearing masks when they're unable to social distance, especially on public transport.

The outbreak has also spread to other areas, including Cronulla RSL after it confirmed a positive coronavirus case visited the establishment.