Anti-masker “Karens” hurl abuse at IKEA staff members

Anti-masker “Karens” hurl abuse at IKEA staff members

Two women have berated and hurled abuse at staff in a Sydney Ikea store following the NSW government’s decision to enforce wearing masks while in public spaces.

One anti-masker captured a part of the encounter on camera, with both women telling staff to “shut up” when being asked to wear face masks while shopping.

Both women adamantly refused to don masks and quickly the video clip was posted to Reddit by user@7thwardcharizard1 on Tuesday.

The footage is captioned, “And it begins … the idiots are out in full force! I don’t know why I thought we in Sydney were better than this”.

The two anti-masker women both insist on camera that they are exempt from wearing face masks while speaking to two staff members.

One woman tells the workers: “Shut. Up. It’s the fourth time today”.

The second woman says, “Yes it is … you know people have medical conditions, they have trauma, rape, abuse.

“They have a multitude of reasons as to why they are exempt. It is part of the law. It is unnecessary, it is unnecessary to act this way.”

The female Ikea worker turns her back to the women and her male colleague steps forward to say: “you don’t need to film her”.

However, the anti-masker objects, saying: "I’m allowed to film her. It’s my right to film her.

yes it begins.. the idiots are out in full force ! I don’t know why I thought we in Sydney were better then this. from r/sydney
“You need to understand. In your website … your website says we are exempt.”

The other woman chimes in as well, saying “If I’m not wearing a mask, there is a reason. The website says …”

The male worker then interrupts to say: “That’s fine” not long before the woman snaps, “Shush, don’t cut me off.

“The website says if you cannot wear a mask, you don’t have to.

“‘Clearly I’m not wearing it for a reason.”

The other woman also chimed in to say, “Clearly you need to be informed of your own website. So you need to stop telling people to wear masks if they choose not.

“End of. Shush.”

The male staff member interjects to say: “It’s just what we’ve been told.”

One of the women accused the workers of “harassment,” and urged them to “back off”.

The video has attracted more than 300 comments on Reddit.

“I think if someone had a legitimate exemption and quietly told the manager there would be no issue,” one person wrote.

“These entitled f***ers were looking for a fight.”

“The people working at the shops are just doing their jobs and following the new rules. These ladies are just acting entitled,” one person wrote.

“I feel so bad for the workers that have to deal with this s**t now,” another added.

“Putting others at risk and rattling on about abuse victims whilst they verbally abuse innocent people just doing their job. Disgusting,” another went on to write.

Masks are mandated indoors across Great Sydney, Wollongong, the Central Coast and the Blue Mountains in shops, businesses and on buses, trains, and in taxis and ride share vehicles.

Non-mask wearers risk on-the-spot $200 fines, however only police have the ability to issue them.

Children under 12 and people with certain medical conditions are exempt.