Australia's "worst driver" accused of losing more than 500 demerit points

Australia's "worst driver" accused of losing more than 500 demerit points

Kevin Jones could well hold Australia's worst driving record as an alleged repeat disqualifier who has racked up more than 500 demerit points.

A Current Affair confronted him as Jones attended Parramatta court this week.

"Can you explain how you could possibly have lost more than 500 demerit points?" he was asked.

"And $70,000 in fines?"

Jones wore a face mask, sunglasses, a baseball hat and a hoodie to conceal his identity.

"Mr Jones, haven't you got any sort of explanation at all?" Simon Bouda persisted.

"You're going to be pleading not guilty ... is that the case?"

His lawyer spoke for him.

"We wish not to comment," his lawyer replied.

"As I indicated the matter is before the courts."

Despite Jones going home in a taxi, A Current Affair was waiting at his house to bombard him with questions.

"Mr Jones, you didn't drive home? Wise choice – getting a cab," Mr Bouda said.

Retired New South Wales Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander Mick Corboy had a lot to say about Jones' flouting of the rules.

"To see these people that constantly flout the laws and get up points and even keep driving after they've been to court a number of times ... very frustrating for the police and it's something the police take very seriously.

"There's recent research that actually says that people who flout the law, people who have points or are disqualified are often involved in more serious crashes because they're risk takers and they take that chance."

Mr Jones will face court again in April next year.

Photo credits: 9now