Is this the world’s most arrogant piece of parking?

Is this the world’s most arrogant piece of parking?

Resident's in Sydney's southeast are fed up with "arrogant a**holes" taking up parking spaces in their neighbourhood - often taking up two spots at a time.

One resident in the Botany/Mascot area took to social media, furious about one driver's behaviour.

A driver had taken up two car spaces, but not just any parking spots - they were reserved for “parents with prams”.

“You’re just that arrogant that you think you’re so special you can take up two spots so no one parks near you then you should remove your head from your rectum ASAP!” an enraged resident posted to a local Facebook group along with the picture.

The photographs caused outrage and soon other people began sharing more bad parking stories.

One person even called for an “album” so they could keep a record of the area’s worst drivers to “give awards out at the end of the year”.

“I don’t normally do this, but this truly is a case that deserved attention!” the original poster said.

“Worlds (sic) worst Parker or worlds most arrogant a**hole - you decide!

“But if you can’t park in spots already designed for extra space, you have issues.”

A local said they had called someone out in the past for parking exactly like this, and the female driver said she needed to park like that because she had twins.

“One particular lady pointed out that she always parks like this because she has twin babies and needs the room to get her capsules in and out,” they said.

“I have twins (they’re now 6 years old) and I NEVER parked like this!” another mother said.

The area seems to be inundated with people who don't know how to park, as many people came forward with their own stories of frustrating drivers. 

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