"So confusing": Road rules quiz leaves drivers frustrated

"So confusing": Road rules quiz leaves drivers frustrated

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads has sparked a debate on social media about road rules, which has left many drivers furious.

The question was about how to use a roundabout correctly.

“The car is exiting the roundabout at the first exit. The motorbike is driving straight ahead through the roundabout. Does the motorbike need to indicate when entering and exiting the roundabout?” the department asked on Facebook.

People were quick to comment on their guesses, as the post racked up more than 1,300 replies from road users.

“I believe the correct rule as I was told is the bike should indicate right on entering then indicate left to exit,” one person commented.

“The motorcycle doesn't have to signal on entry because it is effectively going straight. All vehicles have to signal when exiting a roundabout,” another person wrote.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads posted the correct answer, which left many people angry as they rarely saw other motorists follow the rules.

“The answer is.... As the motorbike is travelling straight ahead, they are not required to indicate on entry. However, before exiting they must indicate left and continue to indicate until they have exited the roundabout,” the department wrote.

“I think so many people buy cars without indicators now or think they’re optional extras,” another person complained.

“Anyone who can't answer this question correctly should have to resit their driving test,” a user suggested.