Who will inherit the Duke of Edinburgh title?

Who will inherit the Duke of Edinburgh title?

Following the news of Prince Philip’s passing comes a change in who holds which royal title, but this won’t come into effect until Prince Charles takes the throne.

Prince Edward, Philip and Queen Elizabeth’s fourth child and current Earl of Wessex, will eventually claim his late father’s title as the Duke of Edinburgh.

His wife, Sophie, will become the Duchess of Edinburgh and the fourth woman to hold the title since its creation in 1726.

After Prince Philip’s death on April 9, Charles now holds the Duke of Edinburgh title according to the rules around the line of succession. This also means that his wife and Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, is now regarded as the Duchess of Edinburgh.

Once he becomes king, the title will be passed down to his youngest brother.

This goes against the Letters Patent issued by George VI, which gave Philip the title in 1947 and stipulated the duke’s eldest son would inherit the title.

But, when Charles becomes king the title can be re-granted to Edward.

The decision to appoint Edward as the eventual Duke of Edinburgh was announced in 1999, following his marriage to Sophie Rhys-Jones and adoption of the title of Earl of Wessex.

As a trustee and Chairman of the Duke of Edinburgh Award program, Edward’s succession as the Duke of Edinburgh also recognises his commitment to the program.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award program, one of Philip’s educational initiatives, has been undertaken by over eight million children globally and involves pursuing a well-rounded education through acts of service, physical activity, camping trips, and personal hobbies.

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