Zoom class captures terrifying moment student was held hostage

Zoom class captures terrifying moment student was held hostage

An online Zoom class captured the terrifying moment a young woman was held hostage in a home invasion.

The scary ordeal took place during a live English lesson that was being broadcast during Zoom due to the strict coronavirus restrictions placed on citizens in the State of Durango, northwest of Mexico City.

The horrifying footage showed Ariana Sofia Hernandez Aldama on the left hand side of her screen with her hands tied and her face covered.

Throughout the video Ms Aldama remains motionless so as not to egg on the intruder.

Her fellow classmates watched on as the man moved silently in the background wearing a baseball hat.

The man lowers the camera so his movements can no longer be recorded.

The suspect then allegedly stole a set of keys from inside Ms Aldama’s home and used them to steal a car.

A number of the girl’s horrified classmates contacted emergency services to report the crime but by the time anyone arrived at Ms Aldama’s house, the attacker had already fled in the stolen vehicle.

While Ms Aldama was physically unharmed, there is no doubt she will be haunted forever by the incident and has undergone counselling to help recover from the invasion.

The Durango Prosecutor's Office reported the alleged perpetrator has been identified, and they are working to find his whereabouts.

The authorities also maintained that the vehicle stolen by the assailant has already been recovered.