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ALDI issues recall after four-year-old spots embarrassing mistake

ALDI issues recall after four-year-old spots embarrassing mistake

ALDI has pulled a popular kid’s item from shelves after a four-year-old boy pointed out an embarrassing mistake.

The supermarket’s Learning Desk Mat – sold in their May 20 Special Buys sale – includes math times tables, so children can learn while they eat.

But a clever four-year-old quickly realised something wasn’t right on the $3.99 chart, as it read “12 x 12 = 60” instead of “12 x 12 =144”.

A spokesperson for ALDI has issued an apology for the mistake, confirming that the item will be removed from stories.

Mum Melanie pointed out the error on a popular Facebook page, saying she was “disappointed”.

“Check your placemat guys,” wrote Melanie on the ALDI Mums Facebook page.

“My number obsessed four-year-old (with autism) is upset that the times tables contain a big stuff up... I’ll be returning it tomorrow, so disappointed.”

Fellow ALDI Mums members were impressed by the boy’s math skills.

“Oh no! Good pick up little one,” said one.

Added another: “Wow! Well done! Took me a while to find the mistake.”

Said a third: “My six-year-old autistic son would lose it if I got him this. Numbers and language are his thing. Oh my.”

Speaking to 7News, a spokesperson for ALDI has urged shoppers who have purchased the mat to return it to their local store.

“There are at least 144 reasons why this printing error on the Learning Desk Mat Special Buy is awkward,” the spokesperson said.

“We agree, that 12 x 12 does actually equal 144.

“We take every effort in ensuring our products are of the highest quality and apologise to kids learning their times tables (and their parents) for this oversight.

“We are in the process of removing this product from our stores and encourage any customers who have purchased this product to return it to their local store for a full refund.

“We always encourage customers to contact ALDI directly through the Customer Service Team so we can promptly and thoroughly conduct an investigation into any issues.”