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ALDI releases surprising comparison on cleaning buys

ALDI releases surprising comparison on cleaning buys

ALDI has compared the prices of eight of its cleaning products to rival brands, with some surprising results.

The supermarket giant featured its findings on the laundry, kitchen and bathroom buys in its latest catalogue.

In it, the ad says shoppers will save over $40 - or 59 per cent - when purchasing similar products from ALDI.

The feature states the eight cleaning products will cost $27.52 at ALDI.

Meanwhile, the same amount of items from “other supermarkets” will cost $67.70.

The price comparison was conducted in late August.

“[The comparison was] based on prices available from 10 stores in two major supermarket chains in the New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia regions on August 26, 2020,” wrote ALDI in the fine print.

“The cheapest competitive price has been used for ‘other supermarkets’.”

Included in ALDI’s haul were three Di San laundry items, which has attracted a cult following in the last few years.

ALDI also included the Force Bathroom Cleaner, Force Mould Away, Force Anti Ban disinfectant spray, Force Protect ’N’ Clean disinfectant and Trimat Advanced laundry liquid in the comparison.

But the results had some cleaning aficionados divided.

While some said ALDI products were great value for money, others said they preferred the more well-known brands.

“I’ve never bought the ALDI products a second time,” said one on the Mums Who Clean group.

“They may be comparable but they aren’t as good. I haven’t tried the Glen 20 or disinfectant.”

But another disagreed, saying: “I have used both branded and ALDI products. I have happily changed over to ALDI!

“I don’t miss the branded ones at all and it’s better for my pocket!”

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