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ALDI shoppers form dozens-long queue for unlikely item

ALDI shoppers form dozens-long queue for unlikely item

A shopper shared a surprising photo of a queue that "went the length of the store" while she was trying to get into her local ALDI.

Mum Maria revealed the "crazy" scene at ALDI's annual "Back To School" Special Buys sale.

Many look forward to this sale as it started nationally on Wednesday, January 13th.

“Another crazy day at ALDI,” wrote Maria on the Aldi Mums Facebook page.

“Back to school sale. People everywhere, line up to the end of the store.”

People are eager to get their hands on the store's popular $14.99 school shoes, especially with the pandemic tightening budgets around the nation.

Other shoppers agreed that busy scenes were the norm at their local ALDI stores.

“Yes, I had to line up for half an hour to pay,” said one.

Added another: “I was 3rd in line but the woman who was first took every box of the white double strap jogger.”

Some were quick to point out the lack of social distancing at the stores.

“Hope they were all wearing masks,” said one.

“I wanted to go but thought social distancing and COVID are more important.”