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Kmart's $49 weighted blanket is the sleep fix we need

Kmart's $49 weighted blanket is the sleep fix we need

Weighted blankets are hugely popular for a sleep-deprived Australia as the "hug effect" it gives users is thought to lower the heart rate as well as increase serotonin and dopamine.

These two chemicals can help people fall asleep quicker.

For many though, the price point has kept a good night's sleep out of reach, with some weighted blankets costing $339.

Kmart has changed all that with their newly released $49 weighted blanket that weighs 7kgs and is designed for adults who weigh between 65-85kgs.

Despite the new addition only hitting shelves recently, a Kmart spokesperson told news.com.au the item was “in high demand, but there are still a few left”.

Some people swear by the blankets, but scientists say that concrete evidence is "unfortunately lacking".

“There are no reputable scientific studies to back up the claims, said Dr Cristina Cusin, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

“A randomised clinical trial to test the blankets would be very difficult. A blind comparison is impossible because people can automatically tell if the blanket is heavy or not.”

Photo credit: Kmart