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Woolworths reveals new items Aussies are stockpiling

Woolworths reveals new items Aussies are stockpiling

Panic buying has gripped the hearts of Aussies across the nation and supermarkets are struggling to keep the shelves stocked as hoarders’ stockpile what they need.

Woolworths has now revealed just how much toilet paper it has sold in a single week since panic buying started.

In an email addressed to customers, CEO Brand Banducci said that it had been six weeks since the panic buying started in stores after reports of Italy going into lockdown.

“Amazing as it might seem, we are still seeing almost double our normal demand for toilet paper,” Mr Banducci said.

“Just this week, that was over 20.5 million rolls.”

He also revealed what the new items Aussies are stockpiling, which is pasta.

“It will still be patchy for a while, but we are expecting much more stock on shelves next week,” he said, after announcing that Woollies is getting another extra 1,000 pallets. This totals to another 500,000 packets of pasta.

Another item in “extraordinary demand” is cleaning wipes, which Aussies can expect to find in the coming weeks on Woolworths shelves as they try and meet the demand for the item.

Banducci noted that two of the “highest growth categories” of the past week have been cake mixes and household cleaning products.

“A lot more kids are baking and parents cleaning as we all spend more time at home,” he said.