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5 things in your house that could be worth money

5 things in your house that could be worth money


Vinyl is back, baby! Hipsters and older people alike are fighting to get their hands on limited release titles and sought after vintage vinyl. But it’s hard saying what your collection may be worth. “Some records won’t sell for more than 50 cents while coveted first pressings can command thousands of dollars,” says Dan Orkin, who manages the Reverb Price Guide website. Currently, on the Reverb LP marketplace there is a 1956 self-titled Elvis Presley album listed for $US105, while the Purple Rain album, by Prince, still in shrink wrap, is listed for $US179. Check out the 9 most expensive, valuable and collectable records of all time.

Arcade games

That old arcade game that you dragged from your parent’s attic to your current house’s attic may be worth some change, even if it’s not working. According to Seth Peterson, co-founder and CEO of All You Can Arcade, a nonworking arcade game can still fetch $US100 to $US400. Working games range from $US600 to $US2,500. Some titles are hotter than others right now. “Asteroids is an awesome title with high replayability and is worth $US1,000,” says Peterson. “The value of Pong has quadrupled in the last four years and is approaching $US2000.” Find out how to make extra cash by selling online.

Retro/Vintage T-shirts

Those T-shirts you just couldn’t part with from your youth could be worth a whole lot more than you originally paid for them. “Concert, advertising, and shirts with a cool scene are all the rage,” says Reyne Hirsch, long-time appraiser on Antiques Roadshow. A Prince T-shirt on Poshmark recently sold for US$380 and a 1990s Mario Brothers Nintendo 64 Game T-shirt sold for $US150. Find out how to save money in ways you’ve never thought of before with these 10 tips.

Air Jordans

You begged for them, saved up your pocket money, and babysat for endless evenings in order to buy those coveted Air Jordans. Was it worth it? Hirsch says you could have a slam dunk of cash in your soles. “Early Air Jordan sneakers can sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars, depending on which model and the condition.” Find out how to tell when a special deal is not so special.


Lovers of vinyl need something to spin their tunes on so they could be anxious to get your old turntable. “Stereo equipment has recently been selling quite well online, especially vintage turntables and stereo receivers,” says Orkin. Check out online sources like Reverb or eBay to see what similar turntables have sold for if you want to part with yours.

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