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How a Sydney mum spent her $107 million lotto win

How a Sydney mum spent her $107 million lotto win

After winning Australia’s largest ever individual lotto prize, a Sydney nurse has revealed just how she has spent the money and its effect on her life so far.

In January 2019, the woman was the only person with a division one winning entry in a massive Powerball jacket, seeing her take home $107 million.

Though most might consider quitting their jobs with that much cash to their name, at the time the Sydney mum said she would still go to work the next day.

She has continued to work and has been enjoying “little luxuries” in the two and a half years since her win.

“I’m still working and my husband is also still working. We both love our jobs!” she told The Lott.

Having always been passionate about giving back to the community, the woman said she and her husband have been using the prize to do just that.

“In those weeks after our win, I walked down the street and I knew that just about every second person bought a ticket into the draw, and I know that I won their $10 or $15 and that really resonated with me,” she said.

“Paying it forward is really important to us because if you change one person’s life, you have the potential to change the whole community.

“We have already made some really important donations, and we’re always thinking a lot about what we want to support next.

“We watch the news and we read the papers, and we literally keep a notebook of causes we know we want to help on a grassroots level.

“It makes you feel incredibly privileged, and it is what we’ve always done anyway, but now we can just do so much more.”

The couple have been using some of their funds to purchase a new home, which the woman says will become a family home for generations to come.

“Every time I walk into my beautiful home is a pinch-me moment,” she said.

“Every time I come home and I remember that this is my house and I never have to move my family is something that I will never take for granted.

“And seeing the relief on my husband’s face. We’ve both worked so hard for so long, and to never have that financial stress, to be able to take that away from him, that is just priceless.”

The woman added that she’s now enjoying the little luxuries in life, such as buying fresh flowers and nicer bottles of wine.

“And having the ability to travel with the children is incredible,” she said.

“We never thought we’d be able to afford to do that.

“It was always out of reach for us, so to have those memories is priceless!”

Image: The Lott

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