Check your feet! 'COVID toes' are a new and more rampant sign of coronavirus

Check your feet! 'COVID toes' are a new and more rampant sign of coronavirus

Skin doctors are currently looking at a lot of toes, as concern grows that for some people, a symptom COVID-19 might be in an unusual spot.

Boston dermatologist Esther Freeman expected to see skin complaints as COVID-19 hit the US but wasn’t expecting them to be toes.

"But I was not anticipating those would be toes," Massachusetts General Hospital employee Dr Freeman said to 9news.

Cases were initially recorded in children but has appeared to have spread to adults as well.

Dr Freeman has viewed via telemedicine more toes in the last several weeks than in her entire week.

They’re being called ‘COVID toes’, which are red, sore and sometimes itchy swellings on toes.

"I think it's much more rampant than we even realize. The good news is it resolves spontaneously," Dr Amy Paller of Northwestern University said.

There are many theories as to why ‘COVID toes’ are appearing, including that it could be inflammation triggered by the infection instead of the cold as well as the virus potentially irritating the lining of blood vessels in the skin.

"The public health message is not to panic," Dr Freeman said, noting that most toe patients she's seen haven't become severely ill. Are they contagious?

"We can't tell if you've got COVID-19 just by looking at your toes," she said.