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Inside Princess Di's personal workout regime

Inside Princess Di's personal workout regime

An Australia personal trainer has shared the rigorous workout routine he did with Princess Diana.

Cameron Falloon helped train the princess from 1995 and 1996 at a gym in Earl's Court, London.

He said Princess Diana was not just a fashion icon for wearing workout gear, but was dedicated to actually bettering herself physically.

"She was very dedicated, she was an extremely hard worker. When her schedule allowed between her Royal philanthropic duties, she was doing two to three times a week minimum at the gym," he told Daily Mail Australia.

"She also went for walks and runs. She was very dedicated. But like all people do, she had a love/hate relationship with training."

He said one of the main things they focused on was resistance and strength based exercises.

"Most of what we focused on was that strength and core conditioning and postural work.”

Cameron has since returned back to Australia and is the founder and owner of BFT (Body Fit Training).

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