“Ugly and repulsive”: Acid attack survivor slams troll after undergoing 400th operation

“Ugly and repulsive”: Acid attack survivor slams troll after undergoing 400th operation

British TV personality and model Katie Piper has shared the vicious taunt she received from a troll on Instagram, calling out the cruel nature of the comments.

The 37-year-old has been the subject of vicious trolling since suffering a horrific acid attack in 2008.

The mum was assaulted by an ex-boyfriend while walking in the street in London, and has since undergone almost 400 surgeries to correct the damage that resulted from the attack.

Sharing a screenshot of the message she received on her Instagram, the troll wrote: "You're the most repulsive and ugliest thing I've ever seen why even bother with make-up."

In response, the TV presenter noted "more work needs to be done" to combat online harassment.

"I've posted this message from my inbox to show you all the work and conversations around diversity and inclusion, the everyday reality for anyone who is in the minority category," she wrote.

"The everyday existence is very different to the positivity campaigns. More work needs to be done."

A week before, Piper shared a health update after having an operation on her right eye.

The TV personality was left blind in her left eye following the March, 2008 attack.

A representative for Piper told the Mail Online she was "being as brave as ever" in the lead up to the procedure and "remains positive about the future."

"The operation was a skin graft to her upper eyelid using skin from her left arm. She is currently resting to minimise the threat of infection and to ensure a quick recovery. Katie thanks everyone for their care and warm wishes," they added.

Piper sustained the injuries from her ex-boyfriend Daniel Lynch and accomplice Stefan Sylvestre.