Young Brisbane artist targeted by scammers after losing her legs

Young Brisbane artist targeted by scammers after losing her legs

Brisbane artist Visaya Hoffie, 23, has spoken out about the scam that started after she lost both of her legs in a freak accident on the New York subway.

It was a scam donation page that was set up on Donobox, falsely publicising itself as raising money for her treatment.

“Do not donate to this page. It is a scam,” Visaya wrote, sharing a screenshot of the impostor page.

Donorbox has since confirmed it has removed the fake fundraiser account. “Regarding the fake fundraiser, the page was taken down within a matter of hours of being created and the account was banned,” a spokeswoman told the Daily Mail.

Visaya was visiting a friend in New York when she tripped and fell onto the tracks. She was run over by a train and all seven of its carriages, but the shirt she was wearing saved her life as it was bright pink and spotted by another train driver.

Her mother, Pat Hoffie, revealed in an emotional Facebook post just what happened to he daughter.

Posted by Jo Diball on Tuesday, January 21, 2020
“When the first train had rolled across her unconscious body 20 minutes earlier, her black puffy jacket and black jeans had made her invisible to the driver,” Ms Hoffie explained.

“The bright pink colour of her top is what alerted the engine driver of the second train to the fact that someone was lying across the track.”

Her mother said: “Visaya is now off breathing support, and has started to eat. She is sedated but is optimistic and has already muttered, ‘I’m going to have to deal with this’,”.

“It’s difficult at the moment,” Ms Hoffie said from her daughter’s New York hospital bedside.

“But we are in the best possible medical home but we just have to put our heads together and work through it.

“We’re in the middle of a very trying time.”