Home and Away's Ray Meagher undergoes heart surgery following health scare

Home and Away's Ray Meagher undergoes heart surgery following health scare

Gold Logie winner Ray Meagher has opened up about his secret battle with a serious health crisis.

The Home and Away star has been on the show for more than three decades but was diagnosed with three serious blockages in his coronary artery.

He quickly booked in for triple-bypass surgery that saved his life, but revealed he has gone in for more surgery after another health scare.

“Seven months later, I was doing all the right things and walking and powering up hills and things and just had a bit of a tickle (in the chest),” Meagher said.

“People say, you’re going to feel that for the next year, so don’t worry about it - but it hung around for a period over a couple of weeks.

“I had to see a GP to get a script, and he said, ‘While we’re here, let’s do an ECG.’

“We sent that to the cardiologist, and he said, ‘You’d better come in straight away so we can check that out.’”

Within 24 hours of his doctor's visit, he underwent surgery to get a life-saving stent inserted.

He had experienced shortness of breath while taking his regular walks but thought nothing of it.

“It didn’t feel like the classic heart attack that we’ve all seen actors have on television,” Meagher said.

“But there was something there - and I had to stop. I took a few deep breaths, thought it was nothing, and kept going.

“I had to see the cardiologist for a regular annual check anyway, and that’s when they found (the blockages).

“But regardless of what you feel, get to your GP as quickly as you can.

“You’ve got to listen to those things, which I haven’t been good at, but I think I’m getting better at it now.”