How Lindy Chamberlain is finally moving on from her tragic past

How Lindy Chamberlain is finally moving on from her tragic past

Having suffered one of the worst injustices in Australian history when she was wrongly convicted and jailed for murdering her baby daughter, it would be understandable if Lindy Chamberlain was full of resentment.

Instead, the inspirational mum could teach many about the art of forgiveness.

Now, four decades after the horrifying incident when a dingo savagely snatched her daughter from a tent at Uluru – and the terrible aftermath to her tragedy - she’s haunted by the loss of Azaria.

Speaking to Woman’s Day she said, “you can’t turn it off”.

"You dwell on different memories over time, and there are aspects of it that soften – little insignificant parts of it. But others, I can just close my eyes and re-roll the film. I can see her in my arms. I can still clearly see expressions on her face when I was feeding her and talking to her, and the way she'd respond.”

Recently she spoke about forgiveness and how she’s focusing on the positives and letting the past go.

"It's not what happens that counts, it's how you choose to deal with what happens," she said at a National Christian Family Conference in Sydney.

"You can choose if you're going to live with anger, regret and revenge and miserably think yourself a victim. Or you can choose to be a hero in your own life and forgive the past and move on. It doesn't happen immediately. Sometimes I go back and have to remind myself to start all over again. It isn't easy."

But then Lindy has never had it easy since the tragic night on August 17, 1980 when she screamed into the night, “The dingo’s got my baby.”