Liam Neeson’s beautiful gesture for Melbourne COVID nurses

Liam Neeson’s beautiful gesture for Melbourne COVID nurses

Liam Neeson has paid appreciation towards Melbourne COVID nurses with a beautiful gesture while he is currently residing in Australia to film his new action movie Backlight.

The international star has been in Melbourne for the last few weeks, and while he is definitely a busy man, he has taken the time to honour some of Australia’s frontline workers.

The 68-year-old Irish actor surprised a Melbourne hospital with flowers and a handwritten note that read: "To all you lovely Aussie and Irish nurses. Thinking of you all. Much love and respect, Liam Neeson."

Nurses at Royal Melbourne's Hospital were left starstruck by the kind-hearted gesture and shared photos of the surprising delivery on Facebook.

"I will find you...and I will...treat you," the post began, referencing jokingly his fan favourite movie Taken.

"Liam Neeson is filming a movie in Melbourne and was kind enough to send in some flowers to our Acute Medical Unit, which was a COVID-19 ward this year.

"Thanks Liam, from all of us starstruck at RMH!"

Speaking with The Age, the film’s producer Paul Currie revealed that Neeson has not been able to sightsee around much of Australia due to the film being under COVID-safe protocol.

"He hasn't had time to go out to restaurants or anything like that, and we can't let him out anyway,” he said.