Mirka’s touching moment after Roger Federer’s win

Mirka’s touching moment after Roger Federer’s win

Roger Federer has won over 1,200 matches across his ATP Tour and Grand Slam career, winning 350+ in the Slams alone.

Mirka Federer has been by his side for almost all of them, so much so that his wife is instantly recognisable by his many fans.

Which is why, her reaction to Federer’s round two Australian Open win, a routine straight sets thumping, was so touching.

Federer is in his 23rd year on tour and playing his 20th Open, but despite another unremarkable victory, Mirka still made sure to capture the post-match interview on her phone.

She was there to witness him win 20 Grand Slams, but still thought the Wednesday night match in Melbourne was an important moment to treasure.

Knowing Federer, the legend will go on to win even more matches giving Mirka plenty of opportunities to hit record.