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New hero of the “counter protester” movement

New hero of the “counter protester” movement

A counter protester in Toronto has gone viral for his hilarious homemade sign, reminding us all that context is key.

Toronto-based Dr Andrew Boozary shared a photo of a protester in a bright orange shirt wielding a simple cardboard sign that said, “I Know More than the Scietists”, and naturally, it quickly gained widespread attention.

A few people made fun of the man, but many suspected there was more to the story than met the eye. They were vindicated when journalist Elizabeth Renzetti clarified that the man in the photo was her brother, and he was most definitely a counter-protester seeking to make fun of the people gathered to protest basic public health measures, not support them.

A quick glimpse at the back of the protester’s sign confirmed that this was indeed the case, as it read, “I Demand my Right to be Ignorant & Selfish”. Renzetti shared more details about her brother that shed some light on what prompted him to stage his one-man counter-protest, including the fact that their late mother worked as a hospital nurse for 30 years. In addition, the protester, whose name we now know is David Renzetti, is married to a wonderful woman named Lauren who made and gave away hundreds of face masks during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to 680 News, Dave Renzetti clarified the meaning behind his sign, for anyone who still didn’t quite get it: “I don’t believe they know more than the scientists and I also believe our right to be free, selfish and ignorant doesn’t supersede someone else’s right to life.”

“Your right to swing your fist ends at my chin. To me it’s just very upsetting that people are not taking very simple action that could help everyone.”

Renzetti said that some of the anti-vaccine protesters who were demonstrating outside Toronto General Hospital also mistook him for one of their own, but he wanted it made clear he was there to support science the best way he knows how: “I express everything through irony. It’s the only way I can handle.”

Images: @drandrewb/Twitter, @CityAdrian/Twitter

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