Olivia Newton-John finally speaks out about missing ex-boyfriend

Olivia Newton-John finally speaks out about missing ex-boyfriend

It's been 16 years since Olivia Newton-John's boyfriend Patrick McDermott disappeared under baffling circumstances from a fishing charter.

His body has never been recovered and there have been multiple alleged sightings of him with a new girlfriend over the years in Mexico.

For Olivia, Patrick's disappearance has become year another tragedy in her troubled life.

"The why's and what-ifs of Patrick's disappearance have troubled Olivia for years," says a source.

"She's never really had closure – or lost hope."

According to Woman's Day, the 72-year-old is coming to terms with the tragedy by writing a memoir with her close friend, Patrick's ex-wife, detailing the fallout of the 2005 incident.

Titled What Are The Chances, a play on the name of Yvette and Patrick's now 28-year-old son Chance, Yvette says, "[This is a] memoir that's been screaming to 'get out of me' for many years now, so I decided to put it all out there. I'm not alone, and that's what keeps me going."

It's been reported that the book, which currently does not have a release date, is being written with the help of Olivia, who reported Patrick missing when he failed to return from the Freedom vessel when it docked in LA's San Pedro harbour.

"Yvette and Olivia have become very close over the years," says a source. "They're bonded by their grief and confusion over the whole thing."