Surprised mum finds unlikely key to great night's sleep

Surprised mum finds unlikely key to great night's sleep

A western Sydney mum has an amazing recommendation for sleep-deprived parents: their child’s sleeping aid.

Specifically, the Glow Dreaming device. New mum Shauna struggled to get more than two hours’ sleep at night during the first few months of her daughter Tara’s life, until she decided to try the baby sleep aid she’d bought for her bub.

She found that it worked right away, telling 9Honey Parenting, "I woke up from a nap two and a half hours later. I couldn't believe I slept the entire time. I thought 'how does that even happen?’”

She originally bought the device to help improve Tara’s sleep after she entered the four-month regression period. Shauna said of the device, "My friend recommended Glow Dreaming to me and I bought it the second she mentioned it. The pink noise gave her something consistent to listen to the whole night and the red light worked.”

She found that it really helped Tara sleep. The device uses LED light and pink noise to slow and regular brain waves and prepare you for deep sleep. After the device worked such wonders for Tara, Shauna thought that it couldn’t hurt to give it a go.

She said of her decision to try the product for herself, "I've never been a good sleeper. So then adding the extra layer of the baby who could wake at any minute, I was getting a lot of anxiety throughout the night because I just couldn't fall asleep.”

Since she started using it herself, Shauna’s sleep has improved significantly. She told 9Honey, "It puts me to sleep so quickly. It gives me something to concentrate on so if I do have to get up and deal with Tara, I come back to bed and it's the exact same environment as when I left.”

She now gets around eight hours of sleep a night, and even her husband loves the device now, finding that he wakes up in the mornings feeling “really refreshed”.

Shauna isn’t alone, with Glow Dreaming reporting a 10 per cent increase in sales to adults in the past 12 months, with adults now accounting for almost 20 per cent of total sales.

The devices are particularly popular with FIFO (Fly-in, Fly-out) workers who are constantly trying to manage interrupted sleep schedules.

Image: Catherine Delahaye

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