Unexpected note in Woolies home delivery leaves shopper speechless

Unexpected note in Woolies home delivery leaves shopper speechless

Shopper Leanne was left speechless after receiving an unexpected note in her latest Woolworths home delivery.

She explained that while placing her online order, she left a message thanking staff for the "valuable" work they're doing during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I also shared that due to my health I’m unable to go shopping and so I greatly appreciated the shopper doing it for me,” Leanne wrote on Facebook.

“Whilst unpacking my shopping, I found the following note tucked safely in one of my bags of shopping.”

The note was left by the Woolworths picker who made up Leanne's online order.

“Thank you for your very kind message,” the letter read.

“It’s lovely customers like you who made our job worthwhile.

“I hope everything I have picked for you today is nutritious and what you wanted.

“I wish you a peaceful week with no pain and lots of love to surround you.”

The note brought Leanne to tears.

“I’ll happily admit that I got all misty eyed for so many reasons,” she said.

“It restores your faith in humanity.

“After a challenging morning it put a smile on my face to accompany the gratitude tears.

“It made me feel like a person and not just a delivery number.

“Most importantly it has created a memory that will stay with me long after the note is taken off my fridge where it’s currently on display.”

A Woolworths representative said the supermarket was touched by the “heartwarming feedback”.

“We’re also glad to know that this is something you’ll remember forever,” the spokesperson said.

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