Vic aged care patient’s leg found infested with ants

Vic aged care patient’s leg found infested with ants

WARNING: Graphic content.

Victoria’s aged care nurses are being overworked and understaffed during the coronavirus, and that was shown quite clearly through the horrific living conditions some elderly residents are being left in.

The Guardian reported on Sunday that one woman had been left in bed with a bloodied bandage on her leg, which soon became overrun with ants.

The 95-year-old nursing home resident known as Milka succumbed to her injuries and passed away on Sunday morning.

Milka is just one of many who missed out on the care she desperately deserved and needed due to the COVID-19 pandemic completely annihilating Melbourne’s aged care system.

The footage and photos of Mila’s leg were taken inside a private residential aged care home in Melbourne on Tuesday.

Two weeks earlier, a staff member at the facility had contracted COVID-19.

The virus quickly spread through the facility, and it resulted in some residents being left without food or water for 18 hours.

It was also revealed that faeces remained on the floor as staff rushed from one critically ill patient to another.

On some days, there were only two staff members looking after 68 residents.

Most staff members had been sent home sick.

In a press conference on Monday morning, Premier Daniel Andrews acknowledged the terrible conditions in which Milka died.

“I have not seen the footage but I have been briefed on it, that is just shameful and would be very distressing for everybody concerned,” he said.

“That footage relates to a particular facility which we have now taken over.

“Hospital nurses have gone and taken over in a number of these situations and I think they have taken over for good reasons.”

Milka’s family told The Guardian they do not blame the nursing home.

They say until COVID-19 swept through the aged care centre, she was provided with amazing care.