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Young HERO with autism jumps out Maccas drive-thru window to save choking customer

Young HERO with autism jumps out Maccas drive-thru window to save choking customer

Image: Kare11

A 15-year-old McDonald’s worker potentially saved a customer’s life by jumping through the drive-thru window after she noticed the woman choking on a chicken nugget.

Sydney Raley was working a shift at McDonald’s in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, handing customers their orders in the drive-thru when she realised something was wrong with the person she was serving.

“I noticed that she was coughing profusely, and her daughter just had this look on her face like sheer terror,” she told the local news station KARE11.

“I could tell, oh crap, she’s choking!’ Just seeing that visceral reaction I knew I had to act fast.”

Sydney had done first-aid training when she was 11 years old, so she immediately jumped out the drive-thru window and told the customer to get out of the car and instructed her daughter to call for help.

The Heimlich manoeuvre didn't work the first few times, so she called upon another customer who was waiting for his food to come and help.

The other customer was able to dislodge the chicken nugget stuck in the woman's throat.

“It could’ve ended a lot worst but I am super thankful for that bystander who helped so much,” she said.

Police officers from Edina Police Department arrived at the scene to assist the woman and rewarded Sydney with $100 – from the fund police use to give back to those who do good in the community.

Just after emergency services had arrived at the McDonald's, Sydney's parents arrived to pick her up. Her father Tom told CNN they saw the ambulance and police car out the front and for a moment were worried they were there for something to do with Sydney.

He told the station he is extremely proud of her.

"I always tell her she has a gift, because she's autistic," said Tom.

"She can remember anything – do anything."

The police Sergeant was also proud of the 15-year-old.

"We’re very proud of Sydney. She’s a great example of how all of us – no matter our age or position – can make a difference in our communities," Sergeant Scott Mittelstadt said, according to the department's Facebook post.

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