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Does ageing make one more dangerous behind the wheel?

Does ageing make one more dangerous behind the wheel?

The older we get, the more experience we gain, right? If that popular belief is correct, then older drivers should be some of the best on the roads. But, according to a new study about eye helath that’s not the case.

Psychologists at Nottingham Trent University examined a group of over 65s, and their ability to quickly process visual information. They found the older group were able to process basic visuals just as fast as the younger participants, but when distracting objects were added, older people became significantly slower.

In other words, older people have the same every day driving ability to their younger counterparts, but if a distraction presents- say, a dog runs onto the road or a kid chases a ball which rolls onto the street- they’re less equipped to respond.

Think you’re a better driver than your teenage granddaughter? The Association of British insurers agrees. They claim that people over 70 are half as likely to be involved in an accident as 18-20 year olds.

Tell us: do you think elderly drivers are more dangerous, or does experience make you a better driver?

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