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Find the best glasses style to suit your face shape

Find the best glasses style to suit your face shape

Whether you have a round, oval or heart-shaped face, find the best style of glasses to suit you with this simple guide.

Round face:

You have a round face if: you have full cheeks, a rounded chin and your face is equal length and width.

Your perfect glasses match: Look out glasses that have strong details, such as a think frame or side pattern. Opt for wider rather than tall lenses, which will give your face shape definition, rather than broaden your features. Adjustable nose pads are a must as many people would a round face shape have higher cheeks.

Oval face:

You have an oval face if: you have high cheekbones and a narrower chin and jawline than forehead.

Your perfect glasses match: Try on glasses that have bold shapes, such as a cat-eye frame. Your face shape is one of the most versatile, so have fun with it and give coloured or textured glasses a try. Experiment with the size of the frames and aim for glasses that maintain a symmetrical balance.

Heart face:

You have a heart-shaped face if: you have a broad forehead, pointed chin and high cheekbones.

Your perfect glasses match: Opt for glasses frames that are wider than your forehead. As your face is naturally smaller towards your chin, look for glasses that have details on the lower half, such as a colour gradient. Light colours are ideal.

Square face:

You have a square face if: you have a prominent jawline, angular features and a wide forehead.

Your perfect glasses match: Counteract angular features with round frames. Avoid glasses with harsh corners in dark colours as they’ll appear exaggerated. Instead, try on thinner frames in neutral colours like taupe or light tortoiseshell.

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