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Your eyes change colour as you age

Your eyes change colour as you age

As we get older, physical changes are an inevitable, but did you know greying hair is not the only colour change you might anticipate? For some, a change in eye colour can also occur with age.

When a baby is born, their eyes have a certain melanin pigments which can develop and darken from their original colour to determine the child’s eye colour within the first months of life. 

Some people also experience what seems like eye colour change with the change of their moods, as their irises (the coloured part of the eye) expand and contract according to stimulation. The colour does not really change, but simply appears to.

According to All About Vision your eye colour can also change later in life, with 10 to 15 per cent of Caucasians experiencing this phenomenon to some degree. Eyes can grow slightly darker or lighter with age naturally. However, extreme eye colour change can be a result of eye disease or trauma, such as Horner’s syndrome or glaucoma, in which case you should visit your optometrist immediately.

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