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Glasses tricks everyone should know

Glasses tricks everyone should know

Wearing glasses can be a real pain sometimes. From struggling to find them in the dark, to having frames slide down your nose when you sweat, there are some issues only four-eyes can understand.

Make your life that little bit easier with these genius glasses hacks from the team at Mashable.

Hack 1: Find glasses in the dark

Glow in the dark paint is translucent in day light but lights up once the lights go out, making it perfect to locate a pair of specs in the dark. Dab a spot of paint on the arms of your glasses and never misplace a pair again.

Hack 2: Distinguish between similar shower products

Do you struggle to make out what products you’re reaching for when you go sans spectacles in the shower? Help distinguish between a similar-looking shampoo and conditioner bottle by fixing a bright-coloured hair elastic around the neck of the bottle.

Hack 3: Find your specs if you’re nearsighted

Near-sighted people can use the camera on their phone to locate a misplaced pair of glasses. The camera will magnify your surrounds and present it closer to your face so you can scan around the room with ease.

Hack 4: Stop glasses sliding down your nose

Whether you sweat a lot or your frames have loosened, glasses that won’t stay put on your face can be really annoying. Put a pesky pair in place with this genius hack. Grab two hair elastics and wrap each around the end of your glasses arms, just where they meet your ears. Wrapping the elastics around the arms will thicken the frames, and give them more friction to grip onto your ears.

Hack 5: Keep lenses clean anywhere, any time

Few things are more annoying than smudged glasses lenses. Stock up on microfiber clothes and store them in places you frequent- from the car glovebox to your desk drawer- so you’ll never see the world through blurry lenses again.

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