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Unhygienic things contacts wearers are guilty of

Unhygienic things contacts wearers are guilty of

Contacts are an amazing innovation: they correct your vision, allowing you to see clearly, without obstructing your features and view like glasses can. But if you don’t adhere to proper contact care, you could be putting your eyes at serious risk.

According to a study performed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), risky contact behaviour is alarmingly common.

The report studied 1,000 contact users, and found that of that many, 99 per cent of wearers performed at least one if not more risky behaviour.

According to their findings, 82 per cent copped to keeping their contacts in their cases longer than recommended by their doctors. This can lead to an out-growth of bacteria.

Fifty-five per cent of wearers admitted that rather than replacing existing contact solution with new solution, they simply added more, which can have similar negative effects.

Eighty per cent of contact wearers showered in their contacts, and 60 per cent even swam in them, both of which is risky behaviour for your vision.

The big one? 50 per cent of contact wearers admitted to sleeping with their contacts in, which if you’ve ever done it, you know is one of the worst things you can do as a wearer of contacts.

When you don’t take the time to properly care for your contacts, you put yourself at the risk of eye infection, some of which can even cause blindness. Though one third of those studied by the CDC have been to the eye doctor for an eye condition resulting from improper contact hygiene, this can easily be avoided by not cutting corners when it comes to your eye health.

Because when it comes to your vision, wouldn’t you rather save your eyesight than save time?

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